Tuesday, August 15, 2023

JT's Manukan along Kalayaan Ave., QC

We love chicken inasal. We have tried various restos serving chicken inasal and one of our recent favorite inasal resto is JT's along Kalayaan Ave., QC, JT's is owned by actor Joel Torre. What would you expect from JT's?  JT's Kalayaan is a cozy place - good for drinking ice cold beer with your friends or simply lunch or dinner with the family. My usual order at JT's is the popular chicken inasal and batchoy plus inihaw na atay. Chicken inasal is eaten deliciuousli if accompanied with the 3 condiments - toyo, suka and the yellow oil topping on the rice mixed with kalamansi and sili. The price of the food is very reasonable. Try JT's and you will not be disappointed! 

The 3 Condiments that makes Inasal Tasty

Pork Sisig

Batchoy is good for sharing also

Paa - Red chicken meat is my favorite

JT's should already include the rice in the price of the inasal or indicate rice not included. I read complaints from take-out and delivery costumers, asking why no rice in the inasal?

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