Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ozawa Noritako - It's new, fresh and yummy!

Pork Teriyaki Niritako
Pork Tonkatsu and Chicken Karaage Noritako

Beef Tenderloin Noritako
Ozawa Noritako is a new recipe conceived by my cousins and pamangkins and is now the crowd's favorite at the Box Park, Congressional Ave., QC. Noritako is a fusion of  concepts from two cultures - Japanese (nori and sushi) and Mexican (taco). Noritako consists of sushi rice, nori, carrots, cucumber and meat and sauce of your choice (beef tenderloin with Japanese mayo, chicken karaage with sesame dressing, pork tonkatsu with sauce or port teriyaki with sauce) wrapped in crispy wrapper like the Mexican taco. It's eaten like a taco but the taste is different with the nori giving that distinct taste with the rice mixed with the meat and veggie toppings and sauce. There is contrast in the crispiness of the wrapper and soft sushi rice. Each flavor of noritako is unique but my favorite is the beef tenderloin and pork tonkatsu. Noritako is not a Japanese recipe. It's also not a Mexican food. It's unique! It's original! Only at Box Park that you can taste this new, fresh and tummy-filling food. The meat toppings are fresh and fried when you order. It takes about 15 minutes to prepare the dish. The orders for noritako comes every minute that's why serving may take sometime. When we were there, customers have to wait for one hour just to taste the crispy and yummy noritako. But the wait is worth it. Kudos to the Coronels for the innovative and unique recipe!

Ozawa also serves Japanese rice bowls, salads and their raspberry slushy which is served in two sizes of jars is cool. The juice can be shared among a group.

Box Park where Ozawa is located is a new food haven along Congressional Ave., QC. It is similar to the popular StrEAT Maginhawa food park at Maginhawa St., QC where different shops serve their specialties and Ozawa is one of them.By the way, Ozawa serves food from Tuesdays to Sundays from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM only.

Choose your favorite Noritako

The Ozawa owner and chef -happy serving their popular noritako. 
Carlo and Edison!