Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Feijoa - An Autumn Fruit in New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its kiwi fruit. But come autumn, you will find the fruit called feijoa everywhere. Feijoa (pronounced as"Fe-jo-wa"), also called as guavasteen, matures during the autumn season. It's shaped like that of an egg. It has an aromatic smell and a juicy flesh. It has no seeds.

To eat a feijoa, the fruit is cut into half and the flesh is scooped using a spoon just like scooping an egg. yolk The flesh is sweet and seedless. The fruit grows from a small shrub and is usually a garden tree. The fruit drops when ripe.

When we went to the supermarket (April 20, 2011), a kilo of feijoa costs NZ$3.99 which is more expensive than the green kiwi (NZ$ 1.29). Early autumn, a kilo of feijoa, according to my sister who lives in Auckland, costs  about NZ$ 12.00. So the feijoa is really in season now.

I brought home a few pieces of the fruit, so that my family can taste it. From the first scoop of the fruit, Apple had a liking for it. She says, "it tastes like a guava apple."

 Try the feijoa, you'll love it.

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