Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sunflower by Lola Cons

Lola Conching - The Master Painter

 I like sunflowers. Whenever I see sunflowers like those planted along the University Avenue at UP Diliman every March just before their graduation rites, I remember Vincent Van Gogh's painting of sunflowers (See image at the left).

Remember Lola Cons, my 88 year old auntie who developed a passion for painting just last year? She attended painting lessons at UP with young and not so old classmates. She was the oldest then at 87 years old but come 2011 a much older lola attended the session breaking her record. Well, I sent her a photo of a sunflower (downloaded from the internet) and asked her to paint it. After a few weeks, she completed her painting of the sunflower. Her apo, Peer,  also a painting enthusiast, painted the same photo. Lola's are more expressive. Her painting has the similar rough strokes of Van Gogh which expresses passion and emotion. I love the "Sunflower" painted by Lola Cons. It brightens our house! :-)

Photo of a Sunflower

"Sunflower" by Lola Cons

Lola Cons Painting Displayed on our wall

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