Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Taste of Singapore at BUGIS, Banawe, QC

The best Singapore Laksa in town!
Wow. Dining at Bugis at Roxas St., Banawe QC area is just like tasting Singapore's hawker delicacies. Their Laksa was really awesome. We requested mild spicy version and the lasksa soup, noodles and the stuff inside like shrimp and and the fish cakes were really good. The stir fried vegetables was a delight. The Hainanese chicken was also good and thir num nums on sticks were ok.  The place was really full on a Sunday. If you crave for the unique Singapore taste, go to Bugis. You will not be disappointed. Good food, Fast service. Cool place. The price is also reasonable!
Num Nums on Stick

Hainanese Chicken
Stir Fried Veggies!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Luna, the mini pincher

Luna, was the name Julia called her pet
Luna, our mini pincher was the family's baby pet. She was Mommy's favorite baby after the kids of course. And Mommy was Luna's favorite also. She gets excited and barks whenever Mommy arrives from work.  She was Julia's playmate inside the house. They chase each other with Luna in her sexy clothes. She loves to sit on Mommy's or Julia's lap. She thinks she's not a dog but a baby.
Why do you have to leave us so early in your life? Thank you, Luna for the joy you gave our family. It was short but very meaningful for us to take care and pet you. We will miss you so much. :-(

Luna was Mommy's favorite.
Luna at UP Sunken Garden

Partners in Fun!

Luna is Julia\s baby!