Thursday, December 29, 2016

Dec. 29, 2016. Our family organized for the second time our "Paskuhan sa Don Bosco Calauan" to share our blessings to the kids of the NHA-Southville Kids at Calauan, Laguna. Supporting this outreach activity was Tetet Pineda and his family. We sincerely thank the donors of this event. Watch  the slide show below.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Taste of Singapore at BUGIS, Banawe, QC

The best Singapore Laksa in town!
Wow. Dining at Bugis at Roxas St., Banawe QC area is just like tasting Singapore's hawker delicacies. Their Laksa was really awesome. We requested mild spicy version and the lasksa soup, noodles and the stuff inside like shrimp and and the fish cakes were really good. The stir fried vegetables was a delight. The Hainanese chicken was also good and thir num nums on sticks were ok.  The place was really full on a Sunday. If you crave for the unique Singapore taste, go to Bugis. You will not be disappointed. Good food, Fast service. Cool place. The price is also reasonable!
Num Nums on Stick

Hainanese Chicken
Stir Fried Veggies!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Luna, the mini pincher

Luna, was the name Julia called her pet
Luna, our mini pincher was the family's baby pet. She was Mommy's favorite baby after the kids of course. And Mommy was Luna's favorite also. She gets excited and barks whenever Mommy arrives from work.  She was Julia's playmate inside the house. They chase each other with Luna in her sexy clothes. She loves to sit on Mommy's or Julia's lap. She thinks she's not a dog but a baby.
Why do you have to leave us so early in your life? Thank you, Luna for the joy you gave our family. It was short but very meaningful for us to take care and pet you. We will miss you so much. :-(

Luna was Mommy's favorite.
Luna at UP Sunken Garden

Partners in Fun!

Luna is Julia\s baby!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ranchy, our loyal pet dog!

Ranchy, was the name given by Geof to our pet dog.
Ranchy, a Pinoy Askal from Floridablanca, Pampanga which was given to us by Rayfer sometime in 2005. She has been our pet and guard dog ever since. When Geof had dengue, we believed she took some of the pain from Geof because she suddenly had an ear infection when Geof was in the hospital. Today, July 28, 2016, I still had the chance to pet her. And then she had her last breath and send her farewell to us.

Goodbye, Ranchy, our loyal dog for more than 10 years. Thank you for keeping us safe. Rest in peace. :-(


Sleep well our loyal pet.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tamarind - A Taste of Thai

Wow! Tamarind - A Taste of Thai at SM North - The Block at the 1st floor level near the Hypermart will be one of my favorite Thai restos here in QC. We ordered Tom Yum, Crispy Noodles and Yelloy Beef Curry. All the dishes were great - taste like authentic Thai food.  The price is a little bit high ranging from P200 to P400 per dish. But the food was good and the service was great. We even had to take home the Yellow Beef Curry which Geof enjoyed eating at home.
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Tom Yum - sour but not so spicy. Julia love it!

Crispy Noodles in Oyster Sauce

Yellow Beef Curry - The Best!

New Favorite Restos in Baguio City

Baguio City is not only the summer capital of the Philippines. It's also the place for good and affordable food. During my frequent visits at Baguio City specifically at St. Louis University where we (DLSU faculty) are conducting graduate course lectures for MSCE faculty in the region, I discovered good food in Baguio City.

Good Taste near Burnham Park is a popular Chinese resto that serves cheap and tasty dishes at big servings. During one visit, we ordered fried rice, birds' nest soup, chopsuey and lechon kawali. Our bill is only P400.00+.  And we even had to take-out the left-overs which we gave to the garbage guys along the park. People say that at Good Taste, eating there is always a feast!
Birds' Nest Soup

Cousin Dina takes a photo of the P400 dishes (with SC discount)

Lechon Kawali

Chopsuey - fresh veggies

 Ocha Asian Cuisine along Session Road near Don Henrico's is my favorite resto for Thai and Japanese dishes.In my last visit, we ordered Tom Yum Goong, Red Beef Curry and Shrimp Tempura. The food was really good and very authentic. Their ice cream was also awesome. Our bill was P600.00+
Tom Yum Goong - Tasty soup - appetizing!
Red Beef Curry (sweet and spicy, great taste!) and Tempura (big shrimps and not oily)
We love Thai Food!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Bulgogi Garden - Korean Restaurant

 Because of the traffic going along North Ave., going to SM North and Trinoma, we decided to take a U-turn to the restos near QC City Hall. We decided on Korean food at Bulgogi Garden (BG) along Kalayaan Ave. And we did not regret our choice. BG's beef barbecue is the best so far. The slices are thick and the marinade was tasty especially when dipped on their special sauces. The hot and spicy soup matches with plain rice. The chap chae noodles, kimchi and the dumplings were perfect. And the ice cream dessert was cool! Happy Daddy's Day was awesome!

Kimchi appetizer

The hot and spicy soup with tofu and veggie

The red bean ice cream sandwich

My dessert

Grilliing the beef barbecue

No smoke grilling!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Art In Island: Interactive Art Museum

Balancing act!
Prepare your cameras and smart phones. Be ready to act in front of a painting. You may act happy, afraid or angry. This is what you do at the Art in Island, an interactive art museum at 15th Avenue, Cubao, QC. The entrance fee (quite expensive but worth it because it's one of a kind in the Philippines) is P500 for adults and P400 for students with ID. Shoes are not allowed inside so you have to deposit your shoes or sandals at the entrance. The fully-airconditioned museum is huge with awesome copied paintings of the masters. You will need about two hours in the museum to be able to capture the various 3D paintings and illusions. Welcome to the Art in Island.

I'm Andres and "undressing an angel" is my hobby!

You want this ball? Take it!

Geof is a cover boy!

Julia applies make-up to Mona Lisa

Surfing is fun!

Snow boarding!
Daddy's an angel!

Little Mermaid, Julia!
Open your mouth!
Feeding the tiger.
Wet and Wild!


Monday, March 14, 2016

Banana Leaf

It was our first time to eat at Banana Leaf at Trinoma and we were not disappointed. The flavors were good, the servings were just right and the service is excellent. At Banana Leaf, your plate is a banana leaf, just like eating in the province. After having our lunch there, we promised we will be back to try their other dishes.
You serve you rice and food on a banana leaf.
spicy clams

shrimp and cheese ball

fried fish

The kids enjoyed the food!