Thursday, November 11, 2010

Twisted Potato

The kids really love potatoes - french fries, mashed potatoes and potato chips. So when I found a stall selling twisted potatoes, I didn't hesitate to buy it for the kids. Tater Twist is made from 100% fresh potato - one whole potatato was cut partially, twisted and fried - then a stick was stucked in the potato. You can add powdered flavors - cheese, barbecue and others. It's a little expensive though at P50.00 per potato but it was fun eating it and the presentation is unique. The potato is soft - you can even eat the skin. Geof consumed almost half of the stick of twisted potato.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Our tent was first used in 2006 at Malabon.

Every November 1, the family troops to Pampanga to visit the tomb of my husband's parents, Mauro and Corazon. We usually travel on Oct 31, spend the night in the Coronel old family house at Floridablanca, and meet-up with the Coronel relatives in that brief visit.

Family Gatherings During Meals (2008)

Since 2008, we started "camping" in the extension-kitchen-veranda of my cousin-in-law's place in San Pedro, Pampanga. Okay, it's really not an authentic camping since we are still in-doors, but it still has the 'camping' feel since all four of us (the two kids plus me and hubby) sqeeze together in the tent (which, surprisingly, accomodates us four comfortably). There's no wi-fi in the farm and my son's use of his Nintendo DS is limited, so we have more time doing non-techie stuff like reading our books, visiting/ bathing in the river, harvesting veggies, have a liesurely mid-day sleep, play with the chickens :) ....
Vegetables at San Pedro (2008)

A Dip at the River with Carabaos (2008) ... Carabaos not shown!

My 5-year old enjoys our one-day-one-night "adventure" immensely, she looks forward to this trips. Even Geof who is so into computer games and You-Tube also enjoys this day out. I am therefore determined to keep practice and make it a family tradition. In an environment of too much modernity and commercialism, it is important to find simple pleasures like this where the family can have fun and enjoy each other's company, sans all the techie-gadgets. After all, its the company and not the trappings that make a day-out fun and memorable.

Good Morning, Carabao .. mooooo! (Nov. 1, 2010)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Lutong Kapampangan at Cely's

One of the joys of visiting Pampanga is eating the tasty and yummy kapampangan dishes. At Angeles City's Nepo Mart, Cely's Carinderia is a favorite eatery of ours whenever we visit our Tita Bea and cousin Faye. Cely's is popular for its bulalo. But on our last visit on Oct. 31, 2010, we ordered fried hito, tagilo or buro (fermented rice) with vegetables, kilain (pork and liver cooked in vinegar) and tilapia in tausi. Bulalo soup is served free. Our bill for the main dishes plus 3 cups of rice, 2 buko juice and 2 tropicana juice is P357.00. "Maniaman keni" - Masarap dito.