Sunday, October 31, 2021

Kitchen City Ready-to-Heat Frozen Meals

Food delivery has become the new normal because of the pandemic. Ordering fresh meat and vegetables is sometimes expensive since there is a minimum order like 500 g for vegetables or 1 kg for fresh meat. The amount of order for meat and/or vegetables is sometime too much especially for a small family. Hence you must  manage and schedule wisely the dishes that you will cook to make sure that the food especially the vegetable stay fresh and will not rot. Because of this, I sometimes resort to ready-to-heat frozen meals. One frozen meal is good for one or sometime two eating depending on the quantity. I discovered Kitchen City as one supplier of ready-to-heat frozen meals. Their frozen meals come in two packs or quantities: 300 g and 600 g.  A 600 g meal usually is good for two meals in our small family. For an order of P1000.00, delivery is free. So what are our favorites at Kitchen City?

Some of their beef meals are little bit "malitid" or "mataba" but the flavors are good. Our favorite beef meals are:

  • Beef Lengua (3/5)
  • Giant Swedish Meatballs (4/5) - you can mix these in pasta
  • Korean Beef Stew (3/5)
  • Roast Beef with Mushroom Gravy & Rosemary Marble Potato (4/5)
  • Beef Caldereta (3/5)
Still we haven't tried yet the Beef Bistek, Beef Salpicao and the Arroz Ala Cubana.

KC Roast Beef 

For pork meals, we have tried the following:
  • Pork Bicol Express (4/5)
  • Pork Liver Steak (1/5) - Did not pass when compared to UP COOP 
  • Pork Baby Back Ribs (3/5)
They have other pork meals like dinuguan, dinkdakan, caldereta, binagoongan, sisig, lechon paksiw, menudo, embotido and more. 

For the chicken meals we have tried the following:
  • Chicken Curry (4.5/5) - the sauce is good (we used it for roti dip)
  • Chicken Tinola (4.5/5) - the soup is good, you can add more chicken.
  • Kung Pao Chicken (3/5) - the marinade is good but breading too much
  • Chicken Adobo sa Gata (4/5)
  • Chicken Pastel (3/5) -  add quail eggs to increase quantity
Still for tasting are Black Pepper Roast Chicken, Giant Chciken Meatballs and Chicken Teriyaki. 

KC Chicken Tinola

For the fish meals, we have tried the following:
  • Stir fry fish filet with black beans (3/5)
For vegetable meals, their giantaang langka is good but too creamy so add water according to your preference. Still to be tasted are the Chopsuey and the Steamed Kangkong in Oyster Sauce.

For dessert, we love their frozen decadent cake! Yummy at P350.00 Only!

KC Frozen Decadent Cake

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