Saturday, March 12, 2011

We Enjoyed the Play - Isang Alamat

"Isang Alamat" is the stage play presented by the Miriam Child Study Center (CSC). Julia played the role of "ahas" or a snake, one of the bad characters in the story. "Isang Alamat" presents a legend on the origin of our national symbols - narra as national tree, anahaw as the national leaf, carabao as the national animal and the Philippine eagle as the national bird. These symbols were portrayed as heroes in the story together with Mang Jose who rescued Reyna Pinas, the queen of a kingdom called Pulopinas (representing the Philippines) from the bad ones portrayed by dark and fierce creatures like bats, snakes, hawks, gorillias, crocodiles and deadly plants.

It was a marvel to watch the kids from CSC dance, sing and act. Julia enjoyed performing during the play. She danced. She sang. She played with her classmates. All the parents were so proud with their lovely kids. It's an event that parents will cherish and the kids will remember and recall when they become adults.