Saturday, July 12, 2014

Happy at H-Cuisine

If you want to taste the "most awesome angus beef belly," drop by at the H-Cuisine at Scout Rallos corner Thomas Morato at Quezon City. We have been to this resto twice already and we always go home satisfied with our tummy filled with good food. Their Taco salad is our favorite appetizer. The taco and white sauce goes well with the fresh and crispy veggies.Of course their specialty is the angus beef belly which you can order as single or sharing. The beef is soft and tasty with their gravy. But I hope they have seasoning to add spice to their gravy. The poached fish and pasta were also good. Finally their desserts - the cakes were soft, moist and very appealing.  The "H" refers to the owner-chef, Hannah. But H-Cuisine can be dubbed as "Happy Cuisine" since customers always go home happy.
Apple enjoys the taco salad. Pahingi!

"The most awesome angus beef belly"

The poached fish

Fish pasta

Red velvet cake

Cookie choco chip cake