Saturday, February 8, 2014

Toys 4 Us: Kids and Adults

My Minions Collections and Geof's Lego Cars (from Shell)

My 15 yr old KFC
Star Wars Droid

Toy collection is one hobby that kids should pursue. At their young age, this is the time where they receive various types of toys (some expensive, some cheap) during their birthdays and Christmas. They should preserve their toys especially the collectors' items. In the future, these toys become rare and cost much. There are toy and antique collectors who buy old and used toys for their collections. If you own a very rare old toy, you might hit a jackpot at selling it to these collectors.

Geoffrey, our son, collects toy cars - tomica, hot wheels, match box and lego. He has a framed box of toys which serves as a decor in his room. Geof has Lego toys but he disassembles them and create his own like airplanes, ships, cars, etc. So what he has are collection of Lego blocks - waiting for Geof or Julia to be transformed into a beautiful contraption.

Geof's Toy Car Collections
Geof's Lego Helicopter

Geof's Pacific Rim Robot using Lego
At Shiroi Koibito Park's Chocolate Factory in Sapporo, Japan, at the second floor of the Chocolate factory, there is a toy museum where old and collectors' toys are displayed. You will see both traditional (toys made of wood) and modern Japanese toys (e.g. Mazinger Z robots, Hello Kitty, etc.. Western toys (e.g. Star wars) are also displayed. Indeed, toys are for us to enjoy. Kids enjoy playing with them. Adults love collecting them and reminds them of their youth. We should appreciate the toys given to us - keep them for your collection or share them to those in need. Have fun with your toys!
Traditional Toys at the Toy Museum (Shrioi Koibito Park, Sapporo)

Collecting toy dolls of  famous characters is popular like the Beatles.
Apple collects Presidents of the Philippines (she has already Erap, GMA and Cory)
In my case, I am collecting Despicable Me Minions.

World War I and II biplanes

Vintage car toys

Star Wars Collection




Mazinger Z
Small toys of various characters