Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Zoobic Safari

Zoobic Safari by Geof

 5 May 2013. Our summer trip to Subic inlcudes the Zoobic Safari. First, we saw a lot of birds and farm animals. Second, we took a train that brought us to the many sections of the zoo. The first stop was a close encounter with tigers. We went in a jeep and saw them up close. The handlers also fed them meat. The next stop, we saw where all the tigers were being held. For the third stop, we saw an Aeta dance ritual. Then we saw an exhibit of many animal skins and hides. Finally, we walked over a bridge overlooking a pond full of crocodiles. Even though it was hot that day, I still had a fun experience there.


Milk feeding the goats!

Inside the safari jeep

Ouch! The tiger bit my finger!

Tiger - happy with the finger!

An Aeta Dance

Geof and the crocodiles

Geof and Julia strolling at the Zoobic park

Ocean Adventure at Subic

Our Ocean Adventure by Geof
4 May 2013. During our trip to Subic, our first destination was Ocean Adventure. First, we went to the Animal Kingdom. There, we learned about the many types of animals, birds, and reptiles. Next, we watched Kenyan acrobats do all types of stunts and acrobatics. Third, we watched the dolphins do stunts and interact with the audience. Finally, we watched a show about sea lions doing tricks with their trainers. As an added bonus, one of the audience fell into the sea lion’s pool. After all that, we went to an aquarium and saw all kinds of sea animals. Finally, we bought 2 stuffed animals at the souvenir shop. It was an amazing experience!

Animal Show - Reptiles and Dogs

Kenyan Acrobats - Awesome and Funny!

Dolphins say bye-bye!
Sea Lions Show

Mr. Blowfish!

Souvenir shop

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Toasted Siopao

Have you ever tasted a toasted siopao? It's yummy and the kids loved it. The toasted siopao has meat and egg inside. You can buy the toasted siopao here at Visayas Ave (besides Conspiracy Bar). One dozen of siopao in a box cost P106 (or P96 if packed in a paper bag). 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Kids at Art

Julia with her painting on exhibit
Kids at Art is a summer workshop where kids explore their artistic skills and creativity. It's not really an art class like the ones being conducted by UP Professor Sena but it's more of an activity art session where the kids are instructed to create their artwork following a theme and using a specific medium. We enrolled Geoffrey when he was seven (7) yrs old. This summer, Julia at eight (8) yrs old took the same workshop at Celebrity Plaza. After eight sessions, they had an exhibit at the Robinson's Magnolia. Compare the artworks of the kids. Geof's images are more of technology - cars, submarines. Julia's drawings are more of cute girls, insects and pets.

Playful Animals by Julia 2013

Underwater Animals by Geof  2007

Monday, May 13, 2013

Sketches at the UP Oval

May 12, 2013 we celebrated Mother's Day at the UP Oval honing our hobbies - Geoffrey painted a landscape using watercolor, Apple is engrossed reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo", Julia played with her scooter and exoplored the insects with her magnifying glass. In my case, I tried my hand in pencil sketching using some sceneries at the UP Oval and Lagoon as my subjects.

Geoffrey did some landscape using water color

Apple reads the kindle and Julia explores