Thursday, April 30, 2015

Crispy Sun-Dried Tapa! Extraordinary!

This is not an ordinary tapa! This tapa which comes from Quezon is made from lean beef, salted and sun-dried. Easy to fry - if you want it to be chewy, use mild heat. If you want it crispy which I like, then fry it longer. I wish the tapsilog restos will use the dried beef tapa. I prefer the salty tasted tapa not the sweet tapa served in popular eateries like Tapa King and Rodic's.

The sun-dried beef tapa is good for "pasalubong."Thanks to Mara for introducing the dried tapa. I wish there are shops that sell the dried tapa. I checked Echo Store at Centris (according to one blog sells the Q brand dried tapa) but they don't have anymore of the Q product. I have to check the Oscar's Malate, Manila Office (see photo for address and tel no.).

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Friuli Tratoria - Revisited

On our last visit at Fruili Trattoria along Maginhawa St, Teacher's Village, QC we noticed that it has expanded and occupied the adjacent space. More costumers can now be accommodated. And another good news is that it has a new branch inside Philam Homes, West Ave, QC (See map below).

Revisiting Friuli Trattoria is really worth it. We ordered two pizzas (Funghi and Viva Veneza), two pastas (Carbonara and Tomato), Minestrone soup, appetizer and pitcher of ice tea - Total cost is only PhP 1100 and we have still almost one whole pizza to take home.

The minstrone soup is our favorite

Apple enjoys the food!

The new branch at Philam Homes

Bulalo at Tanay, Rizal

This way to CK!
If you visit Tanay, Rizal make sure you drop by at Cafe Katerina (CK) to try their comfort food - simple and hot beef bulalo and their barbecue pork and chicken. Tanay, Rizal is an unexplored area with a view similar to Tagaytay (except for the volcano). You can see Laguna Lake and the new wind mills.
Bulalo and pork barbecue

CK is a favorite stop-over place of bikers!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tama-Yaki - Good takoyaki but nerve-racking ambience

I have been searching for the best takoyaki in Metro Manila. One good find is Tama-Yaki at SM North EDSA. Their takoyaki are big and chewy. One order of four pieces will really fill your tummy. Their takoyaki (octopus) is good and I will return to try their other flavors.

The ambience at Tama-Yaki is quite noisy and bright. Whenever I stay there to eat, my head aches because of the bright lights and loud music. I told one of the staff about this - that it's not comfortable eating at their place because of the "noise" and "lights". Probably, they want their costumers to take out their food.

Red Hana - Sushi and Sashimi at Affordable price

Holy Week food trip. No meat. We ended on Maundy Thursday at Red Hana. This a good find at Matalino St., QC, near the city hall.
The kids love sushi and sahimi!

If you crave for affordable Japanese sushi and sasahimi (tuna), I strongly recommend Red Hana.
Seafood tepanyaki - their version has a lot of sauce which is not really "Japanese"

The deep fried tofu is also good with the sauce.

The seafood ramen is a disappointment. There is an artificial taste but the serving is large - good for sharing.

Maki Haus - Home of the Original Maki

Maki Haus along Banawe St., QC is one of our favorite Chinese resto that serves the Maki Soup.

Fish Maki is our favorite. It's a thick soup with chunks of fish meat. Add vinegar or soy sauce for more flavor. They have other flavors - looking forward to try them (beef or pork).

Shrimp Rebosado and Kikiam - they have similar taste because of the sweet and sour sauce but hey have different texture - I like the kikiam more.

Hainanese Chicken is Geof's favorite!

Fish fillet with tofu is nice. The fish is soft. Sauce is good.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Apag Marangle - A Farm Resto at Bacolor, Pampanga

"Apag Marangle" or "Hain sa Bukid" in tagalog is a Kapampangan restaurant at Bacolor, Pampanga along the Olongapo-Gapan Highway.

Posing before tasting the Kapampangan specialties

Chicharon Bulaklak, Nilasing na Hipon, Fried Hito with Buro, Pansit and Sinigang