Sunday, June 24, 2012

I love Chicharon Bulaklak!

In my past blog on "Chicharon Bulaklak", I was complaining about how difficult it is to buy this crispy and sinful delicacy. But this time I have good news to all chicharon bulaklak lovers like PNoy. I discovered Teresita's of San Fernando at Walter Mart, EDSA beside the LRT Roosevelt Ave. Station. I was having snack of pancit palabok there when I noticed this guy enjoying a chicharon bulaklak meal. So on my next visit, I ordered it.

At Teresita's of San Fernando, they serve a chicharon bulaklak meal for P105.00. The meal goes with rice, a little of achara and vinegar. After dipping  the deep fried dish in the vinegar and put it inside my mouth and chew, I can just imagine the expression of PNoy whenever he eats his favorite dish. The chicharon bulaklak is crispy at first bite and chewy after. The taste is different from an ordinary chicharon. I suggest that you just try it and enjoy. However, don't eat this dish too much otherwise you may have  problems with uric acid.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Geof's Animations

Last summer, Geof attended an animation class at the Young Artists Studio. He created the scripts of his animations using clay, simple objects, paper and pen and sand. To create an animation of 30 seconds requires about 50 images. Geof creates the animations and his teacher takes the photos. Watch his animations which I produced using Power Director. Enjoy!

Animation of simple objects

Clay Animations

Cut-out and Flip-book Animations

Sand and the Magic Hand Animation

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Moonlight Mystery: Julia's 2nd Pony Story

Julia wrote her second pony story for about five days. Before sleeping she writes her story on the bed. The story is seven pages long in her journal. The story has also drawings of the narrative per page.

Her second pony story is entitled, "Moonlight Mystery." Moonlight is one of the four the pony characters in her pony series. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Julia plays the piano

Julia at the UST Conservatory of Music Recital Room
During the summer vacation 2012, we enrolled Julia at Crave School of Music at QC to learn how to play the piano. Three times a week for one hour for a total of 10 hours, she was taught how to read notes and play the piano properly by Teacher Rex, a faculty at UST. "Julia learns fast and she can read the musical notes correctly", commented her teacher.  Indeed she learned a lot. I bought a music book and she easily played the piano pieces by just reading the notes. So we extended her lessons for additional 10 hours.

Last June 1, 2012, Crave School of Music organized a Summer Recital at the UST Conservatory of Music. There were 26 performances by the students and teacher - voice, guitar, paino and violin. It was a marvel to watch and hear the guitar duo performance of two brothers who played "When you say nothing at all." Apple should have been part of the recital for guitar if she continued her lessons with Crave. Julia played three peices: "The Steam Shovel", "The Hotdog Stand", and "Old Macdonald."  Here is a video of her recital for the two pieces.