Thursday, August 1, 2019

Romantic Baboy was not so romantic

Buffet Price at Romantic Baboy
Intrigued by the popularity of Romantic Baboy (RB), one of the Samyupsal grilliing restos that sprouted Metro Manila, we finally decided to dine in there one Sunday after mass. There is one RB branch near our place at Congressional Avenue. Initially, we were supposed to order ala carte but based on the Apple's quick calculation, the cost will be cheaper with the buffet price of P499 with unlimited pork+beef, veggie and rice. We were served several types of meat - my favorite was the thick pork. We just ordered four cups of rice.

After grilling of the different types of meat and slow eating, we realized that the serving is too much for us - even without refills. Some of their meat are of good quality (similar to the high-end Korean restos we have visited) but the others have too much fat or "taba"which our family except me, avoid. So how was the experience at RB? It was not so romantic, since we need to eat all because of the "no left-over " rule. But secretly, our dogs enjoyed the pasalubong.  The experience was too fattening that after the meal, we have to complement the lunch  with hot tea at home. I still prefer the Korean restaurants like Bulgogi (at Kalayaan Ave.) and the Ye Dang (Ortigas Center). A little expensive but you go home happy and full!
My favorite - simply pork, not mariinated

Geof enjoys grilling pork and beef

Kyukyu Ramen 99 - The "Hyaku" Ramen Shop in the Philippines

Located at the 5th Level of Ayala Clover Leaf Mall
If there is a "Hyaku"  or 100 Yen shop in Japan or an P88 shop in the Philippines like Daiso and Japan Homes, there is also P99 Ramen Shop! Kyukyu Ramen 99 at Ayala Clover Leaf Mall serves Japanese ramen starting at P99.00 only. We tried the spicy ramen (P179) and the ichban ramen (P199) and we were not disappointed. The quality and quantity of noodles are very satisfactory compared to other ramen shops. Ofcourse, do not expect a thick slice of pork in the soup considering the price. Just a minor improvement, they should add a little more soup, if you noticed the photos, there is more space for the soup. The taste of the soup, anyway was OK.

Ramen at this shop is Value for Money. We will come back for more. By the way, we found Clover Leaf Mall as very attractive - not so many shoppers (ordinary days, not sure during weekends, though) and complete - the popular restos and shops (including Daiso, Japan Homes, Uniqlo) are there.
Spicy Tonkotsu (P179)

Ichiban Ramen (P199)

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Titu Chef at Maginhawa St., QC

A cozy and cool place that serves "lutong bahay" dishes
Titu Chef is more of a bar than a resto but the food is good!
Titu Chef is a small resto and bar along Maginhawa St., QC. We discovered this place when we were finding a place to dine in to celebrate Mother's Day (12 May 2019). We had the place for ourselves only, as if the resto was reserved for us.  Imagine going to restos in a mall during Mother's Day - I am sure most of them will be fully packed with long queues.

Titu Chef was indeed a discovery. The place is relatively small which can accommodate about 20 costumers but cool! I think it's more of a bar - it serves Tiger beer of Thailand.  The food is "lutong bahay." We ordered pork sisig, grilled salmon, beef bulalo and ginisang sitaw. The food was good, "pasado sa panlasa", except the pork sisig which has too much "taba", maybe they should have added "laman" also.  Are we going back to the place? Yes indeed. I would like return to drink thier Tiger beer and the other "pulutan."

Tiger Beer is their flagship beer

Beef Bulalo

Grilled Salmon

Ginisang Sitaw
Pork Sisig

Monday, February 4, 2019

Rico's Lechon from Cebu

Rico's lechon - no sauce but taste good. 
If you crave for lechon without too much fat and no lechon sauce, Rico's lechon it is. Rico's original recipe comes from Cebu and it's the only lechon which is served without the lechon sauce. You don't  have to travel to Cebu to have a taste of this tasty pork dish. At the UP Town Center, you will find Rico's Lechon with its cozy and elegant dining space. There is also a counter for take-out lechon if you want to bring home to your family one of the best lechon in the country. Hail to the pork lechon (not to the pork barrel)!

Partners: Lechon and spicy vegetable (Biccol Express, Rico's version)
Bring home Rico's lechon and enjoy!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Oliva Bistro Cafe

Oliva Bistro Cafe along Visayas Ave., QC is a simple restaurant that serves Italian and Mediterranean dishes. It would be our second time to visit this resto meaning we were satisfied during our first visit.  We ordered roti with curry dip, mozarella sticks, chicken kebab with pita bread and humus & yogurt dips, pomodoro and chicken carbonara pasta and baked salmon pesto with buttered rice and parsley. Price ranges from P150 to P400. Our rating of the resto:

  • Food Taste (3.5/5) - The chef may be conservative in adding salt, but the taste is great especially if you add a little salt and hot sauce in some dishes.
  • Price (4/5). Except for the salmon which cost P400, a little pricey, the pasta and the other dishes were reasonably priced and their serving was adequate.
  • Place (4/5). The place is cool and clean
  • Service (4/5). The waiters are not very attentive but the service is quick if  you have a request.
Baked Salmon

Roti and Curry Dip

Chicker Kebab with Pita and Dips

Chicken Carbonara

Pasta Pomodoro
Oliva Bistro Cafe is actually just beside the Crab n Crew resto, the more popular resto in the building.  

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Sushi Moshi at Wilcon City Center, Visayas Ave., QC

Wilcon City Center along Visayas Ave., QC is a convenient place to visit. It has a very spacious parking area. It is also a one-stop shop - there is an appliance center, supermarket, Wilcon hardware, barber shop, sports bar and drug store. We have tried the restaurants - Inengs, Siyudad by Barrio Fiesta,  Pancake House, Giligan's . Recently we discovered  Sushi Moshi, a small eatery that serves reasonably priced and good tasting Japanese dishes. We ordered seafood ramen, spicy tantan ramen, kara-age, seafood tepanyaki, chahan and sushi. We were satisfied with the serving and taste except for the sushi where the rice was not perfect but so so. Price range: P100 - P300. If I have a reason to visit Wilcon Center Mall, aside from purchasing hardware, that is to eat TanTan ramen at Sushi Moshi.

Seafood Ramen

Chicken Kara-age

TanTan Ramen

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Silly Boy Hot Sauce

Image may contain: drink

Silly Boy Hot Sauce is a product from Cebu. If you want to add spiciness in your food like pizza, siomai, noddles or in any dish, a small drop of Silly Boy Hot Sauce will do the trick. It's like magic. What's interesting with this produce is that the hot sauce comes in various flavors: Original, Spicy Hot, Buffalo Style, Garlic and Dried Mango. And the packaging is unique. It is inside a 50 ml plastic bottle with a clip. It is supposed to be  clipped on your "baon" bag, so that you will not miss spicy food. Price ranges from P100 to P150 (depends on the flavor). It is a good souvenir from Cebu.