Monday, June 3, 2013

Easy Art Lessons by Fernando Sena

Geof and his art work (top, right), "Fruit Stand"
Fernando Sena delivers his lessons at UP Vargas Museum
Graduation Picture of UP Vargas Participants - June 2, 2013
 Fernando Sena is a known painter who conducts art workshops. Lola Cons was one of his students. This summer, Geoffrey enrolled at one of the summer workshops of F.Sena Easy Art Lessons held at UP Vargas Museum. Attending his workshop is really informative - he really presents step by step the art of painting from drawing simple shapes and objects, to shading and then using color like pentel pen, pastel and water color. I am not a participant but with the short period I was observing the lessons, I also learned  a lot and tried to follow his drawing tips and techniques.

Geof loves sketching specially technical objects like airplanes, tanks and warships. Now with the lessons from Prof. Sena, he learned to draw and paint other shapes like flowers, fruits, simple objects and even faces. The art workshop consists of eight sessions plus a team session where the participants are grouped into ten members and they create a group painting. After the tedious and creative sessions, they had their graduation at the Philippine Heart Center last June 2, 2013. The students from five years old to senior citizens received a certificate and medals for their outstanding work during the workshop. For only P4,000.00 for eight sessions, you will learn the basics and with patience and practice, you will become a successful artist.

Thank you Fernando Sena for your untiring dedication to promote painting to all.

Geof and Julia with the Group Painting, "School Scene."
Geof's Grade for the Homeworks

Geof's message to Prof. Sena

Pencil Drawings of Geof

Pastel Art by Geof
The group art work - June 1, 2013