Sunday, October 21, 2012

Teddy Bear Museum - Seoul, Korea

A unique museum worth visiting at Seoul, Korea is the Teddy Bear Museum located at N Seoul Tower. It presents the history and culture of Korea with Teddy Bears as the main characters. Imagine the King as a Teddy Bear and Korean soldiers ready for war as teddy bears. Modern Korean teddy bears in Louis Vuitton, teddy bears ala Blues Borthers in shades and more. This is a place that kids would love to visit and adults would enjoy too. So when you happen to visit Seoul, take the trip to the N Seoul Tower and meet Teddy and his friends.
Teddy Bears at work building a temple

King Teddy
Teddy Bears in Concert!

A "Teddy" for Julia

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Playing with Watercolor

I think I copied this image from the backcover of the Readers' Digest.
Manila, 1981. Summer vacation. I was a 3rd year college student with nothing to do then. I tried to pass the time by attempting to paint using watercolor. After reading some tips on watercolor painting, I bought the basic materials - watercolor paint, brush and the watercolor paper. I copied pictures from magazines and objects in my sorroundings.

In watercolor painting, planning is very important. You must have an image of what the outcome will be before putting that first stroke of color on paper. You start with the light colors, then proceed to darker colors and finally apply the darkest colors or shades. In watercolor painting, you can not erase a mistake especially the dark colored strokes. Here are my watercolor paintings in 1981. After this venture on watercolor during that summer vacation, I just stopped. I don't know why. Maybe I got busy again with my studies and now with my work. The experience was fun and relaxing. Here are some of my watercolor paintings.

Afternoon at Sulucan
This is a painting of the window in our apartment at Sulucan St. in Manila where we live then during my college days.

Wooden Bridge
Rocks and Cliff

In this painting, I used a toothbrush to produce the
dotted colors of green on the bright yellow background.

Coconut Tree

Good Companion
(Copied from the original by Jack Pellew)

Happy Days
(Copied from the original by Jack Pellew)
Curve Ahead