Sunday, August 27, 2017

A Jeepney resto at Maginhawa St., QC

We have been intrigued by the Jeepney themed-restaurant along Maginhawa St., Teachers' Village, QC. Whenever we pass by, there street is nearly the resto is fully parked. So come one Sunday, we dropped by for lunch.

What is unique with Gerry' Jeepney is that he used the theme of a Jeepney as his concept in designing the restaurant. There are Jeepneys labeled based on destination where you can exclusively dine with your family or group. The atmosphere inside the Jeepney is quite warm, but electric fans are there to coll you down. Old tires are used as wash basins. There is also an aircon room for those who prefer to dine in a room not in a Jeepney.

The food is obviously Filipno lutong bahay. They have boodle sets staring from about P750. We ordered crispy kangkong leaves, sisig, kare-kare, barbecue and their Jeepney rice. Reviews are inserted in the photos below. Our rating of the resto is as follows: Food (2/5), Place (3/5), Price (3/5), Service (3/5), Over-all (2.5/5).

Jeepneys as dining area
A group of about 6 to 8 can dine inside the Jeepney
Old tires as wash basins

Jeepney rice consists of tomates, red eggs, dilis, green onions (Sharing for three)
The hotplate was too hot, so the sisig got burned. 

The kare-kare sauce is ok, but the beef slices are too small.

The kangkong leaves are crispy but you need to eat them quickly otherwise they will now anymore be good. 

The menu. Reasonable price for some. Pricey for some also.