Friday, April 29, 2022

Papang's Sizzling House and Bulaluhan

If you are craving for sizzling pork steak or steaming hot bulalo at very affordable price somewhere at Banawe Street, Quezon City I highly recommend Papang's Sizzling House & Bulaluhan, a new fastfood. 

Apple and I visited the place for lunch and I asked for their house specialty. Japoy, the manager, recommended their special bulalo and I added the T-bone steak for our order. Unli rice for an extra fee is preferred by those hungry and monster eaters specially the employees in the vicinity. 

I have been craving for the special bulalo after I saw the photo in facebook. The bone marrow of the bulalo is really soft and easy to pull-out from the bone. With kalamansi and patis as sauce the special bulalo was really good. I was just controlling my rice intake but an extra rice is worth it for the dish. Apple was the one who devoured the T-bone steak. I tasted a few pieces of the steak especially the "taba" that Apple avoids. The T-bone steak was really tasty and soft. We noticed the couple just beside us who ordered the T-bone steak and I think the guy had three extra rice. Sulit yung order niya sa murang halaga.

Ofcourse, we have to share Papang's specialties to our kids. So Apple ordered for take-out two orders of special bulalo and one order of T-bone steak. So guys, what are you waiting for? Punta na sa Papang's Sizzling House & Bulaluhan at mag-enjoy!

Apple, Andy, Chef Carlo and Manager Japoy

Tara kain tayo!
Can you resist this very tempting hot steaming special bulalo? Pamatay talaga ang bone marrow!

T-bone steak - juicy and soft with tasty gravy!

Feedback and Rating:
  • The place can accommodate about 20 pax only. It's a small but cozy place. Good for quick dine-in only. When it rains, the tables in the outer area will get wet because the place is open. Also parking will be a problem.
  • Since their dishes are really tempting, tasty but sinful (cholesterol overload), there is a need to balance with something healthy. Maybe a small piece of fresh fruit (pineapple, apple, orange or mango) will reduce the guilty feeling of too much eating cholesterol. An extra order of side dish of fresh salad will also be good. 
  • The special bulalo is outstanding compared to some popular bulaluhan from Batangas. Iba talaga yung recipe ni Papang Pedro!
  • The T-Bone steak is really tasty with the gravy and rice. The gravy, though was quite thin (malabnaw) - the gravy for take-out. Or is this intentional to match the sizzling plate?
  • Dine-in is better than eating take-out. Perhaps a special packaging strategy is needed for this kind of dishes if packaged for take-out. In Japan, they do not allow take-out ramen because the quality will be reduced compared to dine-in ramen. 
  • Over-all rating: Quality of Food: 4/5, Value for Money: 5/5, Place: 3/5 

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