Monday, May 1, 2017

Rock Art rocks!

Our first rock art products" "Star Face" by Julia & "Lady Bug" by Andy
Apple gave a set of acrylic paint and a canvas to me encouraging me to start painting on my birthday last year but I found no time and inspiration. My cousin, Ramil, brought a half sack of rocks supposedly for Apple for our garden. While browsing at Book Sale, I found a book on "Rock Art!" and I was inspired to try this craft. So this summer break, Julia and I tried rock art using the rocks in our garden and the unused acrylic paints. Rock art is fun and keeps you busy. However, it requires patience and some basic skills especially when you need to draw circles and fine lines. Painting with acrylic is not a problem since you can always repeat the process by overlaying to improve the design. What's nice with rock art is that your product can be good souvenirs to give away or even sell. Rock art really rocks! :-)

Painting "Fishy"

Painting "My Yellow Sub"

Julia painting her "Star Face" rock

My rock art#1 - "Lady Bug"

My rock art#2 - "Fishy"

My rock art#3 - "Stuart - the minion"

My rock art#4 - "My yellow sub" = a birthday gift to retired US navy, Matt Lutao

Rock art rocks!
Imagine the floor if painted with various colorful designs! Awesome!