Monday, February 14, 2011


BAIHANA at Conspiracy Bar, QC (Dec. 2010) - Photo by Ruben Samson

Last December 2010, we dropped by at Conspiracy Bar, Visayas Ave., QC to watch Noel Cabangon. My brother-in-law, Ruben and his daughters, Christina and Melissa joined Apple and me. Ruben was a converted fan of Noel - he even bought one CD and asked Noel to sign an autograph on the CD label. Ofcourse we enjoyed Noel's performance of his original songs and renditions of other artists' songs - both in English and Filipino. But what we enjoyed more was the surpirse guest performers that night - Baihana, a group of three young and pretty female singers who have fresh and lovely voices. Their style is similar to that of the Manhattan Transfer's (But according to their Facebook profile, their influences were The Andrews Sisters, The Chordettes, The Puppini Sisters). The trio uses their powerful and harmonious vocal chords to produce a melodius and rythmic jazz and pop music. They interpret both Filipino and Enlgish songs according to their unique style. We are looking forward to the success of this group. It's refreshing to see new Pinoy singing groups emerge after we have been flooded with too many singers who try to be bossa nova and samba singers.

Watch Baihana sing "Mamang Kutsero."

Saturday, February 12, 2011

SIDCOR Sunday Market at Centris

Every sunday from 6:00 AM - 2:00 PM, the SIDCOR Sunday Market is held at the Centris Walk beside the MRT Quezon Avenue Station. At the market, you can buy fresh fruits, fresh seafoods, various types of bread and pastries. Our favorite at the market is the pork barbecue. There are also stalls which sell their specialties - menudo, kare-kare, dinuguan, embutido, sinigang and vegetarian dishes. There are tables for you to sit and eat with your family. When you go to this market, you will meet friends and see some personalities - politicians, professors, government officials and celebrities. Shopping at the SIDCOR Sunday Market is enjoyable and fun. You can buy good food at a cheap price.

Syd's Kitchen

We held our regular family get-together with Apple's former classmates at Syd's Kitchen, Banawe, Quezon City. The host of the dinner was Helen and family. Syd's Kitchen menu consists of fusion chinese dishes. We had meatballs on a stick, salted fish rice, pumpkin soup, shrimp (my favorite), steak, pork belly and fish fillet. Our tummies really were really filled to the max. Price ranges from P150-300 per recipe.