Monday, February 4, 2019

Rico's Lechon from Cebu

Rico's lechon - no sauce but taste good. 
If you crave for lechon without too much fat and no lechon sauce, Rico's lechon it is. Rico's original recipe comes from Cebu and it's the only lechon which is served without the lechon sauce. You don't  have to travel to Cebu to have a taste of this tasty pork dish. At the UP Town Center, you will find Rico's Lechon with its cozy and elegant dining space. There is also a counter for take-out lechon if you want to bring home to your family one of the best lechon in the country. Hail to the pork lechon (not to the pork barrel)!

Partners: Lechon and spicy vegetable (Biccol Express, Rico's version)
Bring home Rico's lechon and enjoy!