Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Kids' Summer Activities

During summer vacation, we make it a point that our kids will engage in a hobby or sports activity. These activities help them develop their skills, talents and creativity. They also meet new friends and make them socialize.

Geoffrey enrolled at Ateneo's Chess Clinic. I already taught Geof the basics of Chess but here he learned to play with kids of his age and sometimes younger. Geof received the "Sportmanship" award and a gold medal for topping the Chess puzzles for beginners. Geof knows the moves the chess pieces but he still has to learn the strategies of the game, particularly, aiming for the check mate.

Julia, on the otherhand, enrolled at the Ateneo's Swimming Lessons. The first day was a nightmare for Julia because her coach asked her to do the bubbles. Not yet trained on the bubbles, Julia drank some water and cried running to her mommy. Apple then taught Julia how to do the breathing. After that brief trauma, Julia enjoyed her swimming lessons with her new coach (not the day one coach) who is more systematic and patient. She learned quickly and developed her confidence in the water. She practices her swimming skills with Apple at Celebrity Place.

Oh yes, the kids also enjoyed biking at the UP Diliman Oval during Sundays. We tried to teach Geof to bike on two wheels. Geof was struggling in his bicycle without the training wheels. His uncles from Malabon also tried teaching him. He still needs to learn how to balance and stir the handle properly. Julia, on the otherhand, enjoys riding her new bike (our gift on her 5th birthday).

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hooked on Greek Mythology

Last summer vacation, I bought Book One of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan for my son, Geoffrey. After two days, Geof finished reading it. Book Two, The Sea Monsters followed, then Book Three, The Titan's Curse and then Book Four, The Battle of the Labyrinth. I tried to buy Book Five, The Last Olympian but can't find a copy in any bookstore so far. Apple and I were also intrigued by the interest of Geof in reading the book that we also read the four books. Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a modern tale with the characters of Greek Mythology as protagonists and villains. The gods, goddesses, half-bloods and monsters live in the modern world. You will find here gods like Poseidon described as wearing beach shorts, Hawaian shirt and sandals, Apollo driving a Maserati car and Mt. Olympus located at the Empire State Building in New York..

I remember reading the Mythology book by Edith Hamilton during my highschool days but I didn't developed a liking on the theme of myths. However, after reading Percy Jackson Books, my interest in Greek Mythology was ignited. Thus I tried to find a book on mythology and found one, Gods and Goddesses in Greek Mythology by Michelle M. Houle which is downloadable at scribd. This book is simple to read. It has illustrations and also review questions. It's a good introduction to Greek Mythology.