Monday, June 1, 2020

Fresh Food Delivery during ECQ

Vegetables, fruits and eggs delivered from Theo's Holistic Farming
The Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) during this COVID-19 pandemic has limited our shopping of food essentials in supermarkets. Because of the risk of getting infected by the virus considering that you get exposed to people while falling in line during entry to the supermarket, while shopping and while online before paying for the goods, Apple opted to explore delivery options of fresh food.

And yes there are food delivery sites that we discovered and we became "suki" of most of them. Theo's Holistic Farming is Apple's favorite for ordering vegetables, fruits and eggs. Wow, our menu now consists of many healthy dishes like pumpkin cooked in gata, 'ginisang' veggie, sweet banana as dessert and more.

Another food discovery recommended by a friend is the "taho". We now have taho for snacks and spicy mapotofu for our main dish.
Taho! Taho!
What about fresh meat and fish. I used to buy fresh meat at FRESH OPTIONS and at supermarkets. Fresh fish and seafood are very rare in supermarkets. But recently, Apple, the "explorer", found a site that delivers fresh meat and seafood. Wow, because of this, we finally were able to cook and eat tahong and clam (alahan) soup. Of course, the simple boiled shrimp dish with tomatoes and red egg is my favorite.

Oh yes, not only fresh food but also cooked food, we have them delivered. My favorite is the "dinakdakan" of Vlyn's Homemade, managed by Evelyn & Ramil Sanidad.  They have other food choices including bagoong and pastries prepared by their daughter, Jamila. Order now! Warning, baka addicting ang dinakdakan! :-)
The addictive "Dinakdakan" from Vlyn's Homemade

Vlyn's Homemade pasties and fresh lumpia
Vlyn's special bagoong is a must order!