Sunday, February 28, 2016

Our "Cherry Blossom @ 17" Painting

February 27, 2016 - It's our 17th wedding anniversary! To celebrate this special day, Apple and I engaged in a painting bonding at Sip and Gogh, Ayala Estates, Capitol Hills, QC. The theme of our painting is cherry blossom. It's symbolic since the sakura flowers blooming from the tree represents our memorable experiences both happy and sad which strengthen our relationship. The tree continues to grow and bloom beautiful flowers every year. The cherry blossom also reminds us Japan - we had  trip together in Tokyo and nearby places when we were newly married, although Apple has not yet experience the season of cherry blossom viewing. Apple did most of the painting - she was good with the background , branches and flowers. I drew the big trunk and helped fill-up the canvass with the flowers and green leaves. After a one-and-a-half hour session, we produced our souvenir of our wedding anniversary - "Cherry Blossom @ 17." 

The Making of a Master Piece

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Our Katsu Cafe Experience

Our Valentine lunch after biking at the UP Oval ended at the Katsu Cafe. Actually we plan to have lunch at our favorite KEN AFFORD but it's gone - not anymore at its original place at the road intersecting Katipunan Avenue to Miriam College. Katsu Cafe is a small restaurant besides Flowers by Sylvia. The resto is small (like the small restos in Japan) and simple, decorated with walls of wooded planks and tables good for about 12. So I asked what's their specialty - isn't it obvious - KATSU ofcourse. So we ordered fish katsu set ( a set consists of miso soup, unlimited rice, salad and the main dish) - price is about P200+. We also ordered tempura set, tonkotsu ramen and kakiage. While waiting they gave us the seeds to crush. When the food orders were served, we were impressed. The tonkostsu ramen was awesome - good soup, soft meat, noodles just right and one whole boiled egg. The tempura pieces were large. The fish katsu were soft and tasty.  And what is unexpected is that their salad is dressed with the goma sesame seed dressing which is not common in the Japanese restos here. We observed that the orders of pork katsu looks also good. So we promised that we will return to this place. The Katsu Cafe experience was  indeed a good valentine treat for me, Apple and Julia.
Tonkotsu Ramen
Tempura Set
Fish Katsu Set (Tempura not included, there was food sharing!) and the sauce mixed with crushed sesame seeds
Apple enjoys crushing the seeds for her fish katsu sauce

Julia and the background of beer - they have Kirin Beer on display