Thursday, April 30, 2015

Crispy Sun-Dried Tapa! Extraordinary!

This is not an ordinary tapa! This tapa which comes from Quezon is made from lean beef, salted and sun-dried. Easy to fry - if you want it to be chewy, use mild heat. If you want it crispy which I like, then fry it longer. I wish the tapsilog restos will use the dried beef tapa. I prefer the salty tasted tapa not the sweet tapa served in popular eateries like Tapa King and Rodic's.

The sun-dried beef tapa is good for "pasalubong."Thanks to Mara for introducing the dried tapa. I wish there are shops that sell the dried tapa. I checked Echo Store at Centris (according to one blog sells the Q brand dried tapa) but they don't have anymore of the Q product. I have to check the Oscar's Malate, Manila Office (see photo for address and tel no.).

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Anonymous said...

We can make excellent beef tapa exactly like Oscars. It takes 4kg of beef to make 1kg of tapa. Hence the high price of sun dried tapa.

The difference is that we offer seasoned beef, salted beef, salted Carabao, imported beef from Australia and NZ. The entire processing area is sealed and air conditioned. We do not dry the meat in the sun as the dust and pollution rests on the meat being dried. We have dryers that can do several kg a day. It uses clean hot dry air to dry the meat. It's way more hygienic. The final product is vacuum sealed and can be stored for up to a year. Price per kg is 1600. Please call or text ZFS @ 0912 888 8880. We can deliver in Makati starting June.