Thursday, April 6, 2023

NAM NAM - A Cozy Vietnam Pho Resto

NAM NAM along Maginhawa St., QC is a new discovery for us when it comes to Pho and Vietnamese specialties. Nam Nam is a small cozy restaurant (15 pax max inside) that serves limited dishes (a) two types of beef Pho noodle soup Pho Bo (Regular) and Bun Bo Hue (Spicy), (b) two types of spring rolls - fresh and deep fried. Their drinks can be a choice of Vietnamese coffee (cold/hot), lemon grass juice and beer (local or imported). With their short menu, you are sure to taste their best and only dishes. 


Bun Bo Hue - Spicy beef noodle soup is superb. The quantity of the flat noodles may not be as much at other Pho restos but the soup is the highlight! You can judge how good the dish is after. No left over soup for the Bun Bo Hue!

Pho Bo - another outstanding beef noodle soup - if you want to add some spice, you may add their secret spicy red sauce. 

The deep fried pork spring rolls with their secret sauce is awesome. This may be a little bit expensive for P120 for two pieces but the crispiness and taste would make you forget about the price. 

The Vietnamese coffee is another reason why you will return to this place. Not bitter when mixed with condensed milk. Just right. Comparable or even better than the expensive coffee served in SB or CB.