Friday, December 29, 2017

Learning to use Fr. Pablo's Gadgets for Self-Defense

During our Paskuhan sa Don Bosco Calauan 2017 held last Dec 28, 2017, Fr. Salvador Pablo, SDB showed us his self-defense gadgets - guns, knives, axe, bow and arrows - which he use for teaching the people of Calauan on self-defense. Fr. Pablo says "if you know how to use these gadgets, you develop confidence and in times of danger, you don't need to fight with the bad guys because you can easily defend yourself by using the gadgets and neutralize the enemy."

So Fr. Pablo and his staff volunteers showed Geof, Julia, Apple and I how to use their guns (pellets), bow and arrow, knives and axes. Geof was a cool and consistent shooter. Julia was a  Katniss of "Hunger Games" archer. Apple is a dangerous shooter (be careful hostages :-). In my case, I just observed. I would like to quote Michael Jackson: "I am a lover not a fighter." :-)

Apple: Isang bala ka lang!

Hostage: "Ouch!"

Geof saves the hostage from the hostage taker!

Paskuhan sa Don Bosco Calauan 2017

Fr. Salvador Pablo, SDB
The 2017 edition of the Paskuhan sa Don Bosco Calauan which was started by the families of Andy-Apple Oreta and Alexis Pineda of DBA'78 in 2015 was held on Dec. 28, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon. Funds collected from generous donors from DBA'78, UP AISC '83, relatives and friends were deposited to the Salesian of John Bosco sa Calauan bank account. The funds were used to support 100 kids for their lunch, grocery bags and prizes for the games. In this edition, the whole event from shopping and packing of grocery bags and conduct of games was managed by the Don Bosco Calauan volunteers led by Lester. Our family assisted in the distribution of grocery bags.

Fr. Pablo sent this message after the event: 

  • "Pls do extend my big THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE CHRISTMAS TREAT OF CALAUAN NINO INNOCENTES, Victims of Typhoons Ondoy, Yolanda n Glenda Relocatees n in danger zones of Pasig river n various dump sides to Calauan death zone of depression n demographic catastrophes.
  • SPECIAL THANKS the TASTIEST embotido (home made by Dina)  we ate for dinner.
  • The presence of Geof n Julia enhanced the giving culture of Batch 78 n 83 n DLSU GREAT PEOPLE n their relatives . Special thanks to CONNECTORS : TETET N ANDY.
  • All your names are now in our perpetual daily prayers n MASSES"
Alexis and my family would like to thank all donors who sent their donations and those who pledged to donate (your donations are still welcome and will be sent to Fr. Pablo):
  • Romy Rodriguez – DBA’78
  • Kenn Ramirez – DBA’78
  •  Cynthia Hardy – Andy’s cousin
  • Arthur Fabia – UP AISC CE Batch’83
  • Victor Macam – UP AISC CE Batch’83
  • Samuel Hernando – UP AISC CE Batch ‘83
  • Albert Fajardo - DBA'78
  • Sebio Nacpil - DBA'78
  • Lanie Alvarez - Nagoya U alumnus
  • Indette Gaspillo - DLSU Faculty
  • Jimmy Bacani - DBA'78
  • Bogs Sebastian - DBA'78
  • Cosette Oreta 
  • Dina Maglalang – Andy’s cousin (Prepared the home-made embotido)
  • All anonymous donors and friends who may have missed in this list :-)

Apple distributing soap for washing

Geof and Julia distribute the grocery packs

The father and the prodigal son

Anton sings his favorite songs - "Theme from Titanic"  and Frozen

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Super Pork aka "Baboy Damo" at Rolando's

Menu of "Super Pork" Dishes at Rolando's
 Rolando's "Farm to Table" Restaurant just opened last July 2017 at Road 1, Project 6, Quezon City. Its main specialty is "Super Pork" or "Baboy Damo" dishes - adobo, bagnet, bicol express, crispy pata, kaldereta, kare-kare, etc. Any pork dish uses the "baboy damo"! So when you want to go wild, try Rolando's super pork! Price of pork dishes ranges from P270 - P480. Other Filipino dishes also available.
Crispy Super Pork Adobo and Adobo Rice

Rolando's at Road 1, Project 6, QC
Julia at Rolando's

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

If you go to Hokkaido, specifically at Sapporo and eat ramen, you will always be served their specialy which is miso ramen. But here at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, the restaurant's specialty is a ramen with its soup broth which is very special in Kyushu not Hokkaido - tonkotsu or boiled pork bones. Anyway, we tried the branch at UPTC, QC. And we were not disappointed with the quality and taste of the ramen. The price which is almost the same as in Japan is a little bit expensive (P 350 for a ramen and P500+ for a set). But at least you need go to Japan just to taste an almost authentic ramen. Let's enjoy the ramen! Taste so good!

Awase-Aji Ramen, their specialty - thick creamy tonkotsu soup with noodles cooked just right

Kara-miso Ramen - spicy miso ramen just like Taiwan ramen

Set C - Ramen, Fried Chicken, Rice Bowl
Small Ramen and Fried Chicken and small Rice Bowl Set

Set F - Ramen and Char Siu Rice Bowl
Small Ramen and Char Siu Rice Bowl Set
Texting while waiting for the ramen! 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

A Jeepney resto at Maginhawa St., QC

We have been intrigued by the Jeepney themed-restaurant along Maginhawa St., Teachers' Village, QC. Whenever we pass by, there street is nearly the resto is fully parked. So come one Sunday, we dropped by for lunch.

What is unique with Gerry' Jeepney is that he used the theme of a Jeepney as his concept in designing the restaurant. There are Jeepneys labeled based on destination where you can exclusively dine with your family or group. The atmosphere inside the Jeepney is quite warm, but electric fans are there to coll you down. Old tires are used as wash basins. There is also an aircon room for those who prefer to dine in a room not in a Jeepney.

The food is obviously Filipno lutong bahay. They have boodle sets staring from about P750. We ordered crispy kangkong leaves, sisig, kare-kare, barbecue and their Jeepney rice. Reviews are inserted in the photos below. Our rating of the resto is as follows: Food (2/5), Place (3/5), Price (3/5), Service (3/5), Over-all (2.5/5).

Jeepneys as dining area
A group of about 6 to 8 can dine inside the Jeepney
Old tires as wash basins

Jeepney rice consists of tomates, red eggs, dilis, green onions (Sharing for three)
The hotplate was too hot, so the sisig got burned. 

The kare-kare sauce is ok, but the beef slices are too small.

The kangkong leaves are crispy but you need to eat them quickly otherwise they will now anymore be good. 

The menu. Reasonable price for some. Pricey for some also.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Our Discoveries about The Netherlands

Sharing our best discoveries - food, people, places and memories - aboutThe Netherlands during our European summer tour last May 24- June 7, 2017. We were at the Netherlands on May 24 - 28 and June 7. Watch the slides of our Best 12 discoveries about The Netherlands.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Rock Art rocks!

Our first rock art products" "Star Face" by Julia & "Lady Bug" by Andy
Apple gave a set of acrylic paint and a canvas to me encouraging me to start painting on my birthday last year but I found no time and inspiration. My cousin, Ramil, brought a half sack of rocks supposedly for Apple for our garden. While browsing at Book Sale, I found a book on "Rock Art!" and I was inspired to try this craft. So this summer break, Julia and I tried rock art using the rocks in our garden and the unused acrylic paints. Rock art is fun and keeps you busy. However, it requires patience and some basic skills especially when you need to draw circles and fine lines. Painting with acrylic is not a problem since you can always repeat the process by overlaying to improve the design. What's nice with rock art is that your product can be good souvenirs to give away or even sell. Rock art really rocks! :-)

Painting "Fishy"

Painting "My Yellow Sub"

Julia painting her "Star Face" rock

My rock art#1 - "Lady Bug"

My rock art#2 - "Fishy"

My rock art#3 - "Stuart - the minion"

My rock art#4 - "My yellow sub" = a birthday gift to retired US navy, Matt Lutao

Rock art rocks!
Imagine the floor if painted with various colorful designs! Awesome!