Monday, July 25, 2022

Our Tasty Walk-in at WOK INN during the pandemic


For almost two years, we have been dependent on food delivery via Grab or Food Panda to be able to taste our favorite dishes from popular restaurants. But visiting our favorite restos seems to be more enjoyable and fulfilling just like when Apple and I had our unplanned walk-in and dine-in at WOK INN, a popular Chinese resto beside the Malate Church. 

By tradition, you order at Wok Inn by pointing to their display of fresh seafood, meat and veggies. Our favorite orders are alahan soup,  sipa(stuffed with minced pork) and the stuffed squid. The taste and the serving of Wok Inn remains the same- tasty and value for money. Eating our favorite dishes brings back memories when we were still not married and now going into our senior years, Wok Inn remains one of our favorites. After enjoying our dine-in, we made sure we have take-home also for the kids - stuffed squid and stuffed tofu. Our total bill for dine-in (3 dishes, 2 cups of rice and one canned soda plus the take-out dishes (with SC discount) is only P1100.00 +. What a treat!
Wok Inn Display of Fresh Seafoof, Meat and Vegge

A soup of alahan is a good way to start your food adventure

Sipa - it's stuffed with minced pork and shaped like a sipa (a kid's game)

My favorite stuffed squid with leeks and special sauce