Monday, December 24, 2012

Ye Dang Korean B.B.Q. Restaurant

Ye Dang B.B.Q. Resto

We have a favourite Korean resto along West Ave., QC and we miss the spicy tofu soup. When it closed, we have been searching for authentic Korean restos. And when I visited Seoul, Korea last Septmber, I got to taste real Korean food and I miss them. So when we were invited to a get-together at a Korean resto, I became excited and hoped to get a taste of the not so spicy but tasty Korean dishes. We were not disappointed.

Ye Dang Korean B.B.Q. Restaurant along Meralco Ave., Ortigas Center serves the dishes that I have been missing. As expected in any Korean resto, a variety of appetizers is served – sweet baby potatoes, sweet peanuts, bean sprouts, kimchi - dilis was not avaialble then. The Chicken Ginseng Soup with rice inside the chicken is sooo soft – even the bones melt in your mouth. It's like our arrozcaldo without the kalamansi, garlic and onion leaves. The Spicy Tofu Soup is the same as what they served in Seoul – although this is still not the same soup we missed at West Ave. The pork and chicken barbecues are tasty and you may eat them wrapped with vegetables. The price of the food is reasonable ranging from P250-P400.00 per order. We will definitely return to this restaurant and bring our friends.

Assorted appetizers
The Chicken Ginseng Soup - "it's really sarap to the bones"

The Spicy Tofu Soup - Yummy

The Chicken Barbecue - no smoke fills the room
The AISC Family

Apple tries the spicy tofu soup

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Seasons Greetings from "Living the Good Life 4 Less"

Spending time with the kids at Eastwood City.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Art Circle Cafe' at UP Bahay ng Alumni

At UP Bahay ng Alumni, the most popular resto is the Chocolate Kiss, then ROC. Unknown to many is the Art Circle Cafe' since the resto is hidden inside the display room of paintings of Art Circle. If you want a quiet place to dine and do your chores quietly like reading, writing or even meeting a friend without a noisy crowd, then Art Circle Cafe' is the place to go.

It's menu covers breakfast meals of lucban longganiza which I ordered, various pasta meals, rice meals like the fish dory which Geof enjoyed. Their desserts  consist of various cakes and Geof loved the white chocolate molten lava. Price ranges from P100.00 - 250.00.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ramen X

I love spicy ramen. When I was in Nagoya, Japan, one of my favorites is the super spicy "Taiwan Ramen" which we usually eat during Sundays after a tiring activity like bowling or volleyball. So when I read that Ramen X serves spicy ramen, I made it a point to try their version. There are two branches which I visited - one at the Centris Walk and another at Trinoma.
Ramen X. Affordable Ramen. Price from P149 - P189.

Kimchi Ramen. Price: )149.00. Shoyu based soup with slices of pork and kimchi. Not so spicy. I give this a rating of 3/5.

Karaage. Price: P59.00. The chiken karaage is crispy and soft but little bit salty. rating: 4/5

Oishii Ramen. Price: P149.00. Rating: 4/5. According to their staff, this is their best seller. So when I visited their branch at Centris Walk, I ordered it. It is shoyu and miso based with slices of pork so that the soup is oily which I like. The vegetables are fresh and the noodles are just right and more than enough to fill your tummy. It is not as spicy as the Taiwan ramen but it is good.