Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pasto's Thin Pizza and Tasty Pasta

Pasto at Eastwood Mall, Quezon City is one of our favorite Italian restaurants. Their thin pizza Di Carne ("All Meat" Pizza - Italian sausage, smoked ham and pepperoni)  is sooo good. And their pasta which is cooked al dente like Fruiti di Mari (Linguine with assorted seafood in an olive oil-white wine reduction) and Alfredo (Spaghetti with fresh cracked pepper in a creamy parmesan sauce with grilled chicken or grilled shrimps) are delicious. The price range (Pizza from P195.00 to P295.00 / Pasta from P195.00 to P265.00.).

 Pizza Di Carne (P265.00)

Fruiti di Mari Pasta (P265.00)

 Alfredo Pasta (P215.00)

Friday, May 20, 2011

The KL Bird Park by Geof Oreta

 One of the best and educational places we visited at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this summer 2011 was the KL Bird Park. When we went in, we were surprised by the vast number of birds. Because of the diversity of the different species of birds, I took many good pictures with my camera. Along the way, we encountered some egrets and peacocks, The birds were freely walking and flying in the park. We also saw some rare, exotic, and endangered birds. We even saw some eagles!!!  When we -were having a snack, my mom fed some of the birds some kropeck and they enjoyed it. While enjoying the kropeck, one bird started pooping (LOL!). After our snack, we saw the flamingos and an Egyptian bird. Julia played in the playground for a while, and then we went to the bird show. We enjoyed the acts as we saw macaws do the tightrope, ride a bicycle, drive a jeep, and do some Mathematics. Finally, we went to the nursery and saw bird eggs. We also learned different things about birds hatching. My sister’s favourite bird is the Black eagle. Below is the gallery of the pictures that I took:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sunflower by Lola Cons

Lola Conching - The Master Painter

 I like sunflowers. Whenever I see sunflowers like those planted along the University Avenue at UP Diliman every March just before their graduation rites, I remember Vincent Van Gogh's painting of sunflowers (See image at the left).

Remember Lola Cons, my 88 year old auntie who developed a passion for painting just last year? She attended painting lessons at UP with young and not so old classmates. She was the oldest then at 87 years old but come 2011 a much older lola attended the session breaking her record. Well, I sent her a photo of a sunflower (downloaded from the internet) and asked her to paint it. After a few weeks, she completed her painting of the sunflower. Her apo, Peer,  also a painting enthusiast, painted the same photo. Lola's are more expressive. Her painting has the similar rough strokes of Van Gogh which expresses passion and emotion. I love the "Sunflower" painted by Lola Cons. It brightens our house! :-)

Photo of a Sunflower

"Sunflower" by Lola Cons

Lola Cons Painting Displayed on our wall

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Fun at Universal Studios Singapore by Geof Oreta

One of our best times at Singapore was when we went to Universal Studios on May 5, 2011. After a hearty brunch of burgers and fries, we went to the theatre to watch the Monster Rock Show, a musical live show where monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, Werewolf and a Mummy sing and dance to rock music like “Nobody Nobody but You!”. We then went to a special effects presentation. It was really breathtaking - literally. Then, we visited Sci-Fi City and took a look around. We took a trip to Ancient Egypt and tried out one of the rides. It was really interesting and fun to see snakes and bugs as you ride around the tracks. I also liked Jurassic Park but sadly, one of the rides we wanted to try had some technical difficulties so my sister, Julia and my Mom just took the “Dinosaur-Round-About. ” I liked Far Far Away the best. The reason was the shows we watched there were unique and interesting. The Shrek 4D was funny and seems real – aside from the 3D images you  feel real wind and water blowing on your face – that’s why it’s called 4D! The Donkey Show was also funny and interactive. We finally watched a special effects show called “Waterworld”. It was exciting and really wet. Our stay at Universal Studios was truly an unforgettable experience. Geof2011:-)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Discovering Science at Singapore by Geoffrey Oreta

Controlling a Chameleon Robot
One of the highlights of our stay at Singapore was visiting the Science Centre on May 6, 2011. The first part we went to was “the mind’s eye”. Here, we saw optical illusions. Then we went to “the atrium”. We saw a makeshift tornado, a  whirlpool, fog rings, and much more. Next, we went to the sound exhibit and saw sound haircuts, metal grass that danced to music, and a foley studio. Then, we went to the DNA lab and saw different kinds of genes and DNA. We then went to the mathematics exhibit and discovered the wonders of math. In the water exhibit, we saw a big aquarium! There were also exhibits about microbes. At the second floor, we saw different kinds of robots and their history. There were replicas of R2D2, an Aibo dog and Wall-E. We also watched a show about the story of flight and learned about Da Vinci and the Wright brothers. My sister Julia liked the “discovery zone” with different kinds of exhibits and contraptions for kids. We also went to the robot zoo and saw a lot of robotic animals. The chameleon robot was even controllable! Finally, we went to i-space. My favourite exhibit was the sound exhibit because it was really interesting and fun. My Dad was disappointed though because the Omni theatre was closed during our visit. But generally, the science centre was awesome! Geof2011JJJJ