Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Japanese food I missed

I missed authentic Japanese food. So when I visited Tokyo to attend the 9th CUEE/4ACEE joint conferences at Tokyo Institute of Technology last March 4-9, 2012, I made it a point to eat the Japanese food I missed. Hmmmm, oishi soo! Itadakimasu!
Steamy Ramen at a Ramen House

Tempura Bento Meal

Kare Rice Served at the TIT Cafeteria: Sweet and Spicy

Ten-Don and Cold Soba at Ten-ya
Ice cold Asahi beer and Sushi at the Welcome Party

The original Yoshinoya Gyudon is still yummy!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bento Meals at Tokyo Supermarkets - 50% OFF

In my last trip at Tokyo last March 4-9, 2012, I stayed at the Prince Shinagawa Hotel. I arrived late at the hotel hungry. So I walked around the vicinity of the hotel and found Wing Shinagawa which has a supermarket at the basement. It was almost closing time 8:30 PM (the store closes at 9:00 PM) and I was surprised to see the prices of the bento food (take-out meal) changing prices from Y600 to Y400 upto as low as Y300 which 50% off. Unfortunately, I bought my take-out dinner just before the prices really went down. Still the tempura bento I bought is discounted at Y550 but If I only knew, I could have bought the food at a lower price. So if you happen to be in Tokyo or anywhere in Japan and you want to eat  take-out food, drop by at a supermarket just before closing time and get super discounts in the bento meals and other food including bread.
My tempura dinner