Sunday, June 26, 2011

Food for the Profs

(Old graduation photo in 2008)
Imagine sitting for about three hours wearing your graduation toga and listening to the college deans announce the names of the graduates of the university for the previous term. Boring? Yes, sometimes. Sometimes I read a pocket book during the ceremony. Entertaning? Ofcourse, watching the graduates especially the ladies in their fresh make-up, new hairstyle and new shoes climb-up the stage, get their "diploma" and shake hands with Br. President and then get down the stage and pass by infront of you is good enough to pass the time. Well, this is the trimestral ritual that almost the faculty of De La Salle University - Manila experience during the commencement rites at the PICC. For some, it's a torture ... for others, it's a show. Well, whatever, the professors and staff are always rewarded by a sumptuous meal c/o the DLSU administration and the University Registrar's Office.

The Feast for Profs is usually held at the Gloria Maris Restaurant at the CCP Complex. This feast is "free" if you register and have your ID scanned before meals but expensive if you fail to come after registering beforehand. Well, this first term 2011, what did they serve the professors? Here is the list of the food we had last June 25, 2011:

1. Appetizer - cold cuts
2. Shrimps
3. Hot and sour soup
4. Fish fillet
5. Fried Rice
6. Brocolli
7. Peking Duck skin
8. Crabs
9. Peking Duck meat
10. Bread (Cake)
11. Dessert - Gulaman

Food for the Mind? More cholesterol? Healthy food? Well, the answer to this depends on the individual faculty members. Many loved the appetizer. Some like the tasteless shrimp. Others don't like the sour soup. The young ones love the crab and peking duck. The senior faculty and university fellows savored the vegetables and desert. In my case, I enjoyed the company - talking with my colleagues about university and college issues while watching our bosses enjoy the feast. Next term, hopefully it would be a new menu or a new restaurant?

I am 2nd from Left. With Lawrence Lim, & University Fellows - Dr. Alvin Culaba & Dr. Elmer Dadios.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Flores de Mayo: Flower Paintings of Lola Cons

Lola Conching Maglalang aka "Lola Cons" loves painting flowers. I sent her photos of flowers like the sunflower, hibiscus or gumamela, orchids and a rose. After a week, she completed painting the flower photos. Despite her age (88 yrs old), she can easily paint a flower using acrylic or pastel. Most of these paintings were completed just last May 2011. So I dubbed these gallery of flower paintings as "Flores de Mayo."
Paintings of a Sunflower, Rose, Gumamela, Orchids & Butterfly on Flower

Flores de Mayo