Monday, January 24, 2011

12 Little Things You Can Do

So much have been said and written about the book "12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country" by Alex Lacson especially during the election campaign period in 2010, but it was only now that we were able to buy the book at an unusual place - at one of the stalls selling gift items at the UP Shopping Center.

Indeed the list of 12 things to do given by Lacson are so simple that if only every Filipino does his/her part, our country, the Philippines will indeed be great again.

The book, however, needs a detailed guide and more information for it to make an impact. Here is my commentary on some of the things to do listed above:

1. Follow traffic rules. Follow the law. Following traffic rules and the law should not only be focused on the driver of private vehicles. PUV/PUJ drivers especially jeepney and bus drivers should be given a list of what they should do to improve the traffic (example: where to load and unload, proper attire, smoke belching, etc.)

A list of things to do for the pedestrian must also be given. For example, cross only along pedestrian crossing, wait for vehicles at the loading and unloading areas, etc.

And the most important, a list of things to do for the traffic enforcers must be highlighted. It is frustrating to folow traffic rules, if the traffic enforcers DO NOT KNOW how to implement them. For example, a right lane which says "for right turns only" should be strictly implemented. Those who block the way should be penalized.

2. Don't buy smuggled goods. Buy Local. Buy Filipino. Lacson emphasized the boost to the local economy if we do this. However, the government has a major role to play to make this program effective. First, the people don't really know which goods are smuggled or not. If we buy an item in a popular supermarket, does it mean you are not buying smuggled goods? There are rumors of big time smugglers operating big supermarkets. Pinoys prefer to buy cheap goods and in most cases these goods are smuggled. The government should stop smuggling altogether.

As for local products vs imported products, a list should be provided on which product to support. Lacson mentioned an example for toothpaste: Happee toothpaste is Filipino, Colgate and Close-up is imported. A list of basic commodities made in the philippines should be provided or may be a label like "Buy Pinoy" should be marked on these local products. Obviously, the foreign companies will complain of the government's bias to local products, but what the heck!
To be continued ....

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