Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Food Trip at Bangkok

Aside from shopping, eating is one of the most enjoyable activities in Bangkok. Like the Pinoy, Thais love to eat. Restaurants and food centers in malls of various types of food - western, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, etc can be found. In our last trip at Bangkok, Apple and I had a food trip.
At MBK's 4th floor, there is a food center where stalls serve thai and chinese food at very reasonable price (ranging from 50 to 70 Baht) per serving. We ordered tom yum soup, fried rice and grilled chicken. For dessert, Apple had the sticky rice with sweet mango.
At MBK Food Center
Sticky Rice with Sweet Mango
 At Siam Paragon's food court, we tried the ramen in one of the Japanese restaurants.  And in one of my solo trips, I enjoyed the chinese rice noodle with various dumplings.

Chinese Noodles

Want some ramen?

At MBK's Sizzler, you order a main dish - grilled fish, chicken, pork or beef (price ranges from 250 Baht up) and you can eat all you can the vegetable salad, soup and dessert. You can choose various types of vegetables and dressing for the salad. There are three choices for soup. With the salad only, you will get full. That's why my former DLSU students who were with me ate only a portion of the main dish and had a take-out after.

Grilled pork and salad at Sizzler
Happy Faces, Hungry Tummies

With DLSU Alumni

Omelette and chili soup at Yum Saap - Ramchuri Square

Crabs at Somboon Restaurant
At Shabu-shi, buffet costs 300 Baht and includes Japanese food (various types of sushi), hot pot with various choices of meat, vegetables and dumplings which are served by conveyer belt - just pick your favorite dish and dip into your individual hot pot. Drinks and ice cream are also available.

Choose a dish and dip on you hot pot at Shabu-shi
Sushi galore

Hotpot at Shabu-shi