Friday, November 20, 2015

Taal Heritage Tour

Welcome to Taal Heritage Town
Taal heritage town is one the Philippines undiscovered town that is rich in culture, food and heritage. I just discovered that there is such a place near Metro Manila which compares with Vigan where old and ancestral houses are well maintained and preserved giving the town that heritage and authentic environment.  During our one day visit at Taal we discovered the richness and beauty of our culture.

Our fist stop: Taal's Heritage Basilica

Taal Municipal Hall 1572

Taal's popular lomi is very sticky since it's cooked using casava flour. We love lomi but this version is very different and we're not used to the very sticky version. But the local folks love it!
Taal Imperial Hotel
Taal Imperial Hotel. Quiet & Comfy. A place to relax. But quite far from restos.

Taal's longganiza and tapa are not sweet, not salty - just right! The fried suman with chocolate was superb. We just love the food - so we bought take-home goodies!

The Photo Museum has collections of antique cameras and old photos of the owner who was a classmate of Dr. Jose Rizal. Entrance fee is P100 for adults and P50 for students.

A old photo showing the "SEDAN" of the old days!
Barong tagalog and gowns at Taal Market

House of Teodora Agoncillo - the maker of our National Flag
 "sungka" - a traditional game of luck and strategy
Photo at the back shows the Ninoy Aquino Family
Traditional Bahay na Bato at Taal
The "Balisong" is one of Taal's best product
The "Balisong" - they come in various sizes!