Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thai Cereals Cookies

Whenever our friend Jerry visits Manila, he brings Thai cereals cookies. Julia loves them. Like the Japanese, the Thais have also mastered the art of packaging simple food like cereals. I think the Filipinos are better in food preparation but they have to learn the art of packaging to make their food products appealing and enticing to buy.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Good Time at Tagaytay's ZOOs by Geof

View of Taal volcano and lake
We had a nice time in Residence Inn and paradiZOO at Tagaytay City last March 14, 2010. First, we went to Residence Inn, a mini-zoo of wild animals. I was able to interact with a baby tiger. There, I was also able to touch a python. It was AWESOME! We discovered more animals like monkeys, birds, lions, tigers, owls and lots more snakes.

Bee kingdom

We also went to paradiZOO, another attraction managed by the Residence Inn. A shuttle bus brought us there. It was a fifteen minute ride. There, I learned about farm animals, butterflies and bees. We even saw a bee hive! Mommy brought two bottles of honey. There was even a pet cemetery... spooky!!! Then finally before leaving the zoo, I bought a yummy strawberry milkshake which I shared with my sister Julia. We had a very good time. I wish I could go there again!

Blog written by Geof - 31 March 2010

Geof: "Look at bee hive...zzzzzzzzz!"