Friday, February 17, 2023

GYUD FOOD at UP Diliman


A new place to meet and dine at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, QC is GYUD FOOD along Emilio Jacinto St. opposite the UP College of Fine Arts and just beside Mang Larry's Isawan. The place has a building which houses food kiosks like Korento, Miss Sizz, Heaven's Barbecue, UP Student Canteen and more. On our first visit, I tried angus burger of Miss Sizz (It was good althoug the burger size is relatively small) and my daughter tried Koreanto's honey fish. The price of the food in the various kiosks ranges from P100 to P400 for individual meals. There are also group servings and I am curious with the Heaven's Barbecue - their prok barbecues are tempting for those who crave for juicy and oily pork :-). Outside there are food trucks and you can also eat al fresco. And yes, there is even a corner where you can squat ala Japanese and enjoy your food. GYUD is really a "Good Yummy Destination."

Angus Burger and Honey Fried Fish

What's inside and outside Gyud Food?

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